Coming 2018 in Universal Orlando: Fast And Furious Supercharged

This is a full-throttle, high-octane ride experience already at Universal in California.

This ride is based mainly on the sixth installment of The Fast and the Furious film franchise, which features Luke Evans as the villain on both the film and ride.

The ride was first announced on April 2014 for a 2015 opening at Universal Studios Hollywood. The first commercial for Fast & Furious: Supercharged was aired during Super Bowl XLIX, announcing the ride for Summer 2015, which replaced the site of Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb. The attraction also was replacing The Fast & The Furious: Extreme Close-Up, which closed in July 2013, although it was not housed in the same site where Supercharged would be built at.[2] On March 20, 2015, Universal released an online behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the ride in which the actors are seen playing their respective characters in front of a green screen and makeshift vehicles that would later be digitally replaced with computer-generated vehicles. Supercharged officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 25, 2015.

The ride is due for Universal Studios Florida for a 2018 opening, which will replace Disaster! and Beetlejuice’s Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue.



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