Welcome to the New Coasterglobe!

For over 20 years Coasterglobe.com has been a site for roller coaster and amusement park news. We are excited to be back in this new format.

We love amusement parks and combined with our travel industry experience we are going to be presenting some cool information and commentaries again.

Join us, leave your own comments or contact us at info@coasterglobe.com especially if you have questions about the Parks or travel needs. We want to hear from you!~

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2 Responses to Welcome to the New Coasterglobe!

  1. Ann Sandri says:

    looking for anything on the original “Bluestreak” rollercoaster from Woodcliff Pleasure Park in Poughkeepsie, NY (1929-1941)

  2. Frank Gordon says:

    Enjoyed reading all the great news about current coasters & their parks!! Wish I would of been following from the start!! Wishing all the best & continued success with your site!! Frank Gordon

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