Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith First Coaster in The USA to Feature Inversions

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster  at is an all time favourite and the first coaster in USA To feature inversions. With its massive indoor maze it features some pretty amazing turns and also audio output a la Aerosmith with  900 speakers.

42388_230-140x105Here are some specs:

  • Track Length: 3,403 feet, which is more than a half-mile of
    twists, turns, loops, corkscrews, hills and dips.
  • Inversions: Two roll-over loops and one corkscrew — Rock ‘n’
    Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is Disney’s first coaster in the
    United States to feature inversions.
  • “Limotrain” Capacity: 24 guests, about twice the number of
    passengers who fit in the average stretch limousine.
  • Maximum Speed: The attraction’s high-speed launch catapults
    each Limotrain to approximately 60 mph in 2.8 seconds — similar to
    the feeling of sitting in a supersonic jet as it blasts off from
    the deck of an aircraft carrier.
  • Exclusive Audio: Five specially recorded Aerosmith soundtracks.
    Each Limotrain features a different Aerosmith song, with lead
    singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry recording custom lyrics
    and riffs for each tune. Examples include “Love In A Roller
    Coaster” (“Love In An Elevator”) and “What Kind of Ride Are You
    On?” (“What Kind of Love Are You On?”).
  • A Rocking Good Time: Actual ride time for the roller coaster is
    1:22; the cycle time for each Limotrain is 3:12 (the exact running
    time of one of Aerosmith’s “Greatest Hits,” “Sweet Emotion”); and
    the attraction’s pre-show feature is approximately two
  • On-Board Audio: Each guest’s seat boasts two high-frequency
    tweeters, two mid-range speakers and one subwoofer (mounted under
    the seat). By comparison, most automobiles have a total of four
    speakers in the entire vehicle.
  • Total Speakers per Limotrain: 120.
  • Total Speakers in Attraction: 900.
  • Watts of Audio Amplifier Output Power: More than 32,000.
  • Height Restriction: 48 inches.
  • Attraction Entrance: On Sunset Boulevard, near The Twilight
    Zone Tower of Terror. At 40 feet tall, the
    larger-than-life electric guitar has a neck which morphs into a
    scale-model coaster track and extends 320 feet to the entrance

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