New Hybrid Roller Coaster to Open at Germany’s Europa-Park

With over 12 million visitors Disneyland Resort Paris is by far the most popular theme park in Europe. But Europa-Park in south-west Germany is a European parks that has many coasters. Euro-park has a new hybrid dark ride-roller coaster at Germany’s Europa-Park will take visitors through a microscopic universe populated by ants the size of elephants, bumble bees as big as fighter jets and blades of grass taller than skyscrapers.


Debuting in April, the complex and unique ride will be themed to the “Arthur and the Invisibles” animated movie trilogy directed by French filmmaker Luc Besson. The stories follow the adventures of a tiny race of creatures known as Minimoys who live in peaceful harmony with nature in a secretive underground world.

The unique new Europa-Park attraction, dubbed Arthur: In the Minimoys Kingdom, combines a suspended roller-coaster experience similar to Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain with a dark ride environment like Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland.


As part of the back story, riders will be “shrunk” to microscopic size (much like the old Adventure Thru Inner Space in Tomorrowland) as they search for stolen treasure in the lilliputian land.

Germany’s Mack Rides has long used the company-owned and operated Europa-Park as a proving ground for its prototype attractions – including the Poseidon water coaster (2000) and the Blue Fire mega coaster (2009).

The new Arthur attraction will have riders in four-person rotating cars suspended below a 1,800-foot-long coaster track that winds through an outdoor wooded area and over meandering creeks before heading inside a domed building

“Arthur and the Invisibles” area will also include a 30-foot-tall poppy-shaped freefall drop tower designed by Zierer, a gilded carousel built by Zamperla with gondolas shaped like creatures from the movies, a children’s play area, shops and dining.

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